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Trading Hours Lunch Dinner
Monday Closed 4pm - 8.30pm
Tuesday Closed 4pm - 9.00pm
Wednesday 11.30am - 2pm 4pm - 9.00pm
Thursday 11.30am - 2pm 4pm - 9.00pm
Friday 11.30am - 2pm 4pm - 9.00pm
Saturday Closed 4pm - 9.00pm
Sunday Closed Closed

For public holiday timing please check our Facebook page or look up on Google
Restaurant closed every First & Third & Fifth sunday of the month
Kitchen closes 30 mins before closing time

We accept all major debit and credit cards including American Express (No Surcharge).Yes we also Deliver and
offer payments at your doorstep through our mobile eftpos. Extra charges apply for Deliveries.

For Online Orders Please Visit Our Facebook Page or Go to and Click on online Order

Our vision at Ambrosia Indian is to showcase the most popular
foods of India: bold, colourful and flavour-intense. Our menu is full of choice
dishes taken from different parts of India. All our meals are cooked to order
and we prepare our sauces and grind our spice daily. We use locally grown
produce, herbs and spices wherever possible. We feel that great tasting
food begins with the highest quality fresh ingredients.

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Prices subject to change without notice – No Corkage charge enjoy your Wine or Beer for free if you
choose to Dine In – Prices include GST – 10% surcharge public holiday – Note: If you have any allergies
please let one of our friendly staff member know before ordering – Vegan & Dairy free options also
available- We use the term Gluten Friendly so people are aware we can’t guarantee it to have no contact
with other food items containing gluten and are not held responsible if a Celiac decides to take that risk.
All Dishes can be ordered Mild (only Spice no chilli), Med ,Hot or Very Hot – Vindaloo don’t come in Mild.
Mild & sweet dishes can be ordered hot but they won’t be hot as a Vindaloo.

We are located at
Southside Shopping Centre (Next to Southside Caltex Fuel Station)
Shop 310/1-5 Woolgar Road
Southside – 4570
For Phone Orders, Delivery or Bookings Please call on

5482 4446

We would like to thank all the people of Gympie and surrounding
areas for the support we have received over the past 8 years

to make us the best rated Indian Restaurant in the region on

Facebook, Google & TripAdvisor.

Take Away Menu Valid from July 2022


1. Vegetable Samosa (2 PER SERVE) $7.90

Lightly Spiced potatoes & peas wrapped in a pastry & deep fried. (VF)

3. Vegetable Pakora (4 PER SERVE) $11.50

Mixed vegetable crisps fried in a light chickpea batter (VF) (GF)

5. Chicken Pakoras (4 PER SERVE) $11.90

Chicken Pieces marinated in flour batter and deep fried. (GF) (DF)

7. Veg Trio (6 PER SERVE) $16.50

A sampling of our three vegetarian favourites (VF)

9. Afghani Chicken Tikka (4 PER SERVE) $14.90

Boneless breast chicken marinated with mint, coriander & yogurt grilled in our tandoor oven. (GF)

11. Tandoori Combination Sampler (6 PER SERVE) $19.50

Combination of Tandoori Chicken Tikka, Sheekh kebab & Afghani Chicken tikka. (GF)

2. Paneer Pakoras (4 PER SERVE) $11.50

Deep fried Indian collage cheese mixed with herbs in a light chickpea batter (GF)

4. Onion Bhajiya (4 PER SERVE) $11.50

A golden crispy fried combination of battered onion & spices (VF) (GF)

6. Gobhi Pakoras (5-6 PER SERVE) $11.90

Cauliflower florets in a lighlty spiced chickpea batter deep fried. (VF) 

8. Tandoori Chicken Tikka (4 PER SERVE) $14.90

Tender chunks of breast chicken marinated in yoghurt & saffron & gently grilled to perfection in our tandoor oven. (GF)

10. Sheekh Kebab (4 PER SERVE) $16.90

Coriander, ginger & garlic seasoned premium lamb mince Cooked on skewers in our tandoor oven (GF)

All the Starters are served with a serving of house made mint and yoghurt dip. In case you are allergic to dairy please ask for tamarind & date chutney.

12. Korma $22.50

Chicken (GF)

12. Korma $25.00

Prawn (GF)

12. Korma $23.50

Beef (GF)

12. Korma $24.50

Lamb (GF)

A ground cashew based, creamy, sweet & mild curry

13. Saagwala $22.50

Chicken (GF)

13. Saagwala $25.00

Prawn (GF)

13. Saagwala $23.50

Beef (GF)

13. Saagwala $24.50

Lamb (GF)

Puree of fresh spinach based gravy spiced with onion, garlic & fenugreek leaves.

14. Madras $22.50

Chicken (DF)(GF)

14. Madras $25.00

Prawn (DF)(GF)

14. Madras $23.50

Beef (DF)(GF)

14. Madras $24.50

Lamb (DF)(GF)

A south Indian favourite cooked with onion, curry leaves, tomatoes, coconut milk & mustard seeds.

15. Vindaloo $22.50

Chicken (DF)(GF)

15. Vindaloo $25.00

Prawn or Fish (DF)(GF)

15. Vindaloo $23.50

Beef (DF)(GF)

15. Vindaloo $24.50

Lamb (DF)(GF)

Gravy of  red chilli, rice vinegar, coriander, pepper, cinnamon & onions. (Only comes Med, Hot or Very Hot)


16. Butter Chicken $22.50

Boneless pieces of chicken tikka cooked with butter, coriander, tomat & spices with a sweet and creamy finish. (GF)

18. Chicken Tikka Masala $22.90

Dry thick gravy, combining Chicken Tikka pieces with capsicum onion, fresh mint & spices with a touch of cream. (GF)

20. Mango Chicken $22.90

Chicken & pureed mango cooked in a gravy sure to please, especially when combined with our coconut rice. (GF)

22. Chilli Chicken $23.90

‘Chefs Special’ (GF)

24. Peanut Butter Chilli Chicken $23.90

‘Chefs Special’ (GF)(DF)

17. Chicken Do-Piaza $22.90

“Do” – Twice, “Piaza” – Onion, so literally meaning twice the amount of onions, creating this amazing dish. (DF)(GF)

19. Balti Chicken Masala $22.90

Typical Bombay style chicken curry in a thick sauce blended with select herbs & spices, sliced onion & capsicum (DF)(GF)

21. Peshwari Chicken $22.90

Chicken cooked with cashews, raisins and pineapple in a special gravy. (GF)

23. Mushroom Chicken with Peas $23.90

‘Chefs Special’ (GF)

25. Dhansak $23.50

Beef (DF)(GF)

25. Dhansak $24.50

Lamb (DF)(GF)

Lamb or Beef cooked with yellow lentils, in a sauce tempered with coriander, cumin seeds, ginger & garlic.

26. Jalfrezi $23.50

Beef (DF)(GF)

26. Jalfrezi $24.50

Lamb (DF)(GF)

Lamb or Beef with mixed vegetables cooked in an onion, tomato sauce

27. Bombay Beef $23.50

Beef (DF)(GF)

Typical Bombay style with mixed vegetables is a thick rich onion gravy

28. Rogan Josh $23.50

Beef (DF)(GF)

28. Rogan Josh $24.50

Lamb (DF)(GF)

Lamb or Beef cooked with onion & tomato in a Bombay Masala flavoured Rogan Josh Sauce.

29. Masale-dar $23.50

Beef (DF)(GF)

29. Masale-dar $24.50

Lamb (DF)(GF)

Chunky pieces of Lamb or Beef cooked with onion, capsicum, tomatoes and fresh mint.


30. Goa Fish Curry $24.90

Ambrosia special fish curry with mix vegetables. (GF)

32. Tikka Masala – Fish or Prawns $24.90

Dry thick gravy, combining with capsicum onion, fresh mint and spices. (GF)

31. Garlic Prawns $24.90

Garlic marinated prawns cooked with mushrooms & shallots. (GF)


33. Plain $4.90
35. Roti $4.50
37. Roti $4.50

Wholemeal (DF)

39. Butter Naan $5.50
41. Cheese & Garlic $6.50
43. Cheese & Chilli $6.50
45. Plain Naan $6.00


47. Kheema Naan $7.90

A stuffing of spiced lamb mince and select spices.

49. Paneer Kulcha $7.50

A spiced stuffing of Onion & Cottage cheese.

34. Garlic $5.50
36. Paratha $4.50
38. Paratha $4.50

Wholemeal (DF)

40. Cheese Naan $6.00
42. Cheese & Onion $6.90
44. Cheese & Spinach $6.50
46. Cheese, Garlic & Spinach $7.00
48. Kashmiri Naan $7.00

A stuffing of mixed dry fruits and coconut.

50. Pizza Naan $10.50

Mixture of cheese, onion, pineapple, capsicum & mushroom with herbs.

50. Pizza Naan $11.90

Chicken or Lamb
Mixture of cheese, onion, pineapple, capsicum & mushroom with herbs.

All our Naan Breads are baked fresh to Order in our Traditional  Tandoori Clay Oven and are Egg & Yeast free.


51. Daal Tadka $18.90

Yellow lentils tempered with onion, tomato and garlic. (DF)

53. Saag Aloo $18.90

Delicious blend of spinach & potatoes (AADF)

54. Bombay Aloo Jeera $18.90

Dry dish of potatoes cooked with cumin seeds, onion & light spices (DF)

56. Navratan Korma $19.50

Vegetables & home made cottage cheese cooked in a creamy sweet gravy (GF)

58. Malai Kofta $19.00

Deep fried mix of cottage cheese, potatoes with raisins in a special sweet gravy (NAGF)

60. Paneer Mattar $19.00

Home made cottage cheese & peas combined with spices in a tangy gravy.(GF)

62. Kadahi Paneer $19.00

Cottage cheese cooked with onion & capsicum simmered in a creamy tomato gravy (GF)

52. Daal Makahani $18.90

A North Indian favourite, Black lentils with kidney beans simmered in ginger & garlic (AADF)

53. Aloo Gobhi $18.90

Potato & Cauliflower based with light spices (DF)

55. Channa Aloo Masala $18.90

Chickpeas & potatoes cooked with select spices in a dry sauce with onion, ginger, garlic & tomatoes. (DF)

57. Veg Saag $19.50

Fresh vegetables & mushrooms in a pureed spinach curry with a touch of coconut cream (DF)

59. Paneer Palak $19.00

Home made cottage cheese lightly fried & cooked in a spinachbased sauce.(GF)

61. Veggie Tikka Masala $19.50

Mixed vegetables in a tikka masala sauce with a touch of cream.(GF)

63. Jalfrezi of Mixed Vegetables $19.00

Mixed vegetables in tangy gravy. (DF)


64. Steamed Basmati Rice $2.90


64. Steamed Basmati Rice $6.90


64. Steamed Basmati Rice $4.90


65. Yellow Saffron Rice $5.90


65. Yellow Saffron Rice $7.90


66. Coconut Rice $7.90


66. Coconut Rice $9.90


67. Egg Fried Rice $11.90


69. Peas Pulao Stir Fried Rice $11.90


71. Shahi Biryani (Chicken or Lamb or Beef) $19.90


73. Sweet Mango Chutney, Mint Sauce, Tamarind Chutney, Cucumber Raita (Sweet), Cucumber onion Raita, Mix Pickles (Each) $3.50
75. Onion, Tomato & Cucumber Indian Salad $6.90
68. Kashmiri Pulao Stir Fried Rice $11.90


70. Vegetable Fried Rice $16.90


72. Prawn Biryani $21.90


74. Pappadums (4pcs) $3.50
76. Banana & Coconut $6.00

(Sliced banana sprinkled with desiccated coconut & dry fruits)

Drinks & Desserts

77. Mango, Rose, Sweet, Sweet n Salty Lassi (Each) $5.90
79. 1.25l Drinks $5.90
80. Gulab Jamun $5.00

Sweet Dumplings in a rose flavoured syrup (3pcs)

78. Can of Soft Drinks $3.90
79. Mango Pistachio, Mango Macademia Ice Cream (Each) $5.50

(GF) Gluten Friendly (VF) Vegan Friendly (DF) Dairy Free (AADF) Also Available Dairy Free

(NAGF) Not Available Gluten Free


Order your curry Mild, Med or Hot, Add Mix Vegies to any curry for $3.50. Make your curry Large for extra $6.50.

Take Away Deals

Ambrosia Special $99 Deal

Combination Sampler:          Chicken Tikka (2 pcs)
Afghani Tikka (2 pcs)
Sheekh Kebab (2 pcs)

Main:Choose Any 3 Curries from Below
2 x Large Basmati Rice, 1 x Raita,
3 x Garlic Naan, Papadams (4 pcs)
1 x Mint Sauce

Mix Platter $89.90 Deal

Entree:         Veg Trio
Vegetable Samosa (2 pcs)
Vegetable Pakora (2 pcs)
Onion Bhaji (2 pcs)

Main:Choose Any 3 Curries from Below
2 Med Basmati Rice, 1 x Raita,
3 x Garlic Naan, Papadams (4 pcs), 1 x Mint Sauce

Daily Special Banquet $59

Entree:          Vegetable Samosa (2 pcs)

Main:Choose Any 2 Curries from Below
1 Large Saffron Rice, 2 Garlic Naan,
Papadams (4 pcs)

Tuesday to Thursday Special $49

Main:Choose Any 2 Chicken or Veg Curries from Below
1 Large Basmati Rice, 2 x Garlic Naan

Sunday & Monday Special $44

Main:Choose Any 2 Chicken or Veg Curries from Below
1 Med Basmati Rice, 2 x Plain Naan

Choice of Curries

Butter Chicken, Mango Chicken, Peshwari Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala, Balti Chicken Masala
Rogan Josh – Lamb or Beef
Saag – Chicken, Lamb or Beef
Korma – Chicken, Lamb or Beef
Madras – Chicken, Lamb or Beef
Vindaloo – Chicken, Lamb or Beef
Any Vegetarian Curry.

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No changes or upgrades in the deals.
Deals valid from July 2022 till June 2023